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Open points

reviewed: 30 March 2023

Pinky paper

  1. Application prototype content should be updated: /pp/application/ (#2);
  2. Ethelia technical concept: Telegram, Geth, Pheix and Ethelia as an add-on module;
  3. Technical part from marketing perspective: finally we have to do full rewrite of tech part in human/investor readable way, collect details from:
  4. Monetization and product payback:
    • PM2.5 project funding model: #37;
    • since fixed limit for event search is introduced, different paid subscriptions could increase/decrease this setting;
    • event subscription«events-on-air» feature on remote endpoint or in administrative panel, also consider filters and proxy/relay to external services like Telegram, Matrix, Slack, Discord or traditional email as a future improvements;
    • plan «pay per device» — we will define the limit for free-of-charge event sources, any additional source should be paid;
    • plans «pay per request» or «pay per auth» — request cost is 20x lower for example, but auth is much more flexible for enterprise clients;
    • generally Ethelia is a gateway to public, private (scale the higher number of nodes), virtual (cloud hosted) and local (single CPU) networks — there could be any pricing plans, like «pay per node» — increase number of nodes and make it much more decentralized, «pay per CPU» — scale your local network, «pay per resource» — manage your cloud;
    • plan «pay per transaction»/pheix-io/unilode/-/issues/1#subscription-details;
    • since the registration model via Telegram bot is used, we can introduce different paid plans in TON coins, the most reasonable one «pay per function» — customer pays for advanced bot functions (mostly taken from administrative panel);
    • admin panel integration to 3rd-party websites requires cross domain cookies to be allowed, so SameSite should be set to None instead of Strict — it's configurable and customer might be charged to allow that feature.
  5. Future improvements, prospects and road map (3 years vision).

Extended technical details

  1. Keep all Ethelia functionality in separate non-Pheix module(s): so the idea to create a full tech features list and isolate it from Pheix/rawhide/ethelia-features/ (#3);
  2. Create Raku module bulk and perform smoke integration test with Pheix (#4):
    • configuration setup for non native add-on module;
    • API (with routing) integration for non native add-on module;
    • admin panel integration.
  3. Admin panel intergation with any web site (#29);
  4. Extended list of Pheix principal updates:
    • Add new bytes32 member to PheixAccess event at PheixDatabase smart contract. The idea is to use that new event topic to fetch data directly from blockchain via built-in Ethereum tools. Middle layer module Pheix::Model::Database::Blockchain::Log should be implemented specifically to manage logs on Pheix side;
    • Release Candidate 2 milestone improvements.

Authorization on event source

Now we have to pass auth on Ethereum node and get the access token. This token might be changed in some time interval, so:

  • deliver new token somehow to event source;
  • just add authorization step to event source software/firmware.

Both solutions are very expensive and we need something lightweight and reliable. I suggest to consider subscription feature available in Geth.

Static tokens were introduced at 2a720ea3 and this is the possible compromise for now.