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Ethelia features list

reviewed: 30 March 2024

Event management via API

  1. store events on blockchain;
  2. fetch events from blockchain:
    • search by code and topic;
    • ⚠️ search by created
      • latest event;
      • events by time range with fixed limit.
  3. manage ExtensionEthelia table:
    • CRUD on event record:
      • Ccreate;
      • Rread/search;
      • Uupdate (we update existed event if it's found by code and token);
      • D — ⚠️ delete/remove operation is not available via both API and admin panel.
    • ⚠️ import data from JSON — consider production and development databases on blockchain: now you can export data from production to JSON via API (search with * metachar), but have no any ability to import that JSON to development database.

Pheix administrative layer

Suggestion for MVP — do not take all API features to admin, but keep:

  1. searching by code, topic (raku-ethelia #2) and ⚠️ time range (consider all and latest);
  2. ⚠️ visualization of event statistics from ExtensionEthelia — depends on code search: we should visualize search results on a timeline with bar chart;
  3. ⚠️ API statistics (ref: Alchemy dashboard) — looks like BigBro engine might be used while accepting API requests.

«Wanted» features

  1. account balance details (actual balance in Ξ) and integration with MetaMask to transfer funds to another accounts (useful feature to root account at least);
  2. store new events.

«Nice-to-have» features

  1. minimalistic transaction explorer;
  2. CRUD functionality for ExtensionEthelia;
  3. configurable fixed limit for search;
  4. event subscription via web sockets with filtering and possible proxy/relay.


⚠️ IMPORTANT: this section requires review/rewrite.

We have mandatory settings for Ethelia module or associated account, they should be stored in cookies and/or module configuration file. MVP settings list are:

  1. search fixed limit;
  2. event proxy/relay setup: tokens, endpoints, chat ids, etc...;
  3. filter configuration.

Currently Pheix can:

  1. use local JSON config files from different (non-built-in) paths;
  2. use onchain config files via the JSON → blockchain bridge.

With onchain config files we can guarantee safe storing for any setting set (no need for cookies, no restrictions due to built-in paths and any dependencies on global configuration file or JSON brige) and only owner account access.

Deployment how-to: rawhide/settings-on-blockchain.


MVP goal: